What we want is…….


“What we want is to see the child in pursuit of knowledge, and not knowledge in pursuit of the child. “

George Bernard Shaw

What does this mean ?

Well, here is one way of looking at the quotation.

Be active in your education.  Aim to find not only information that supports your preconceived ideas but also information that might challenge you.

“Knowledge” (note quotations) can be a dangerous thing if not used wisely.

Those that are willing to simply accept what someone else claims as knowledge of the world without learning how to think about why it may be correct or appropriate (or not) are easy prey for cults and groups to recruit and use for their own ends.

On the other hand, someone seeking true knowledge through his/her own investigations (with help of those knowledgeable in their field), logical thinking skills, and reason will always benefit and be a benefit to society.

Be an ACTIVE learner!

Get out there and enjoy the process.

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