Reader’s Choice Award!

This year someone nominated L.T.L. Tutoring Central for the Guelph Mercury Reader’s Choice Award.

If you would like to vote, the insert should be in the Guelph Mercury on Saturday, June 21.

Also, the insert should be with the flyer package on Tuesday, June 24.

You are able to vote from June 21 to July 5:  Survey

The tutoring services are on page 10.

There is an icon on the top right hand corner (Reader’s Choice Awards 2014), and the tutoring services are on the 10th page.


Studying for an Exam



It’s that time again!

1.     Review your notes.  Start with the main points before you return to review the material in detail.

2     Set up a schedule so you know what you will be reviewing each night        and know that you can cover everything in that time.

3.     Listen closely to the teacher’s tips on what may be in the examination.

4.     Never assume that something won’t be on the examination.

5.     Be sure you know what type of examination it will be.  (E.g., essay questions, true-and-false, matching, short answer, etc.)

6.     When you have the information, fill in your Test Preparation Plan sheets.

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