Nine tenths of education….

Nine tenths of education is encouragement.

Anatole France (1844-1924) French poet, journalist, novelist.

How true this statement is for students. (And we are all students!)

I often say to parents that the content information is often the least important component compared to helping students believe in themselves.
Once students have changed thinking patterns to believe they can succeed, they often excel beyond first expectations.
Always encourage your children / students to challenge themselves and reach beyond their last attempt.

Having said this, encouragement does not mean lying to the student.
Not everything is GREAT !
Today, too often every stroke of the pen or idea is given equal and elevated status.  There is nothing wrong (in fact everything right) with redoing a written article to make improvements or reworking a math problem that wasn’t fully completed.

I have found that even very young students appreciate honest assessments.  Then, when they do get that “A” or “excellent” on their page, they feel especially proud.

Those with learning challenges need to know that their work is valuable and that they can continue to improve.  It isn’t important that their work is the same as everyone else in the class.  It is important that they continue to challenge themselves