Listen Actively!


When in class, try to listen actively.

What does this mean?

This means listening with a goal to understanding.  Sometimes we hear words, but we aren’t really listening to the content or trying to decipher meaning.

As the teacher speaks, pay attention – take notes – and ask questions of yourself  to see if she/he answers them in the lecture.

Make a note of any questions that were not answered during the lecture / lesson.  You can ask the teacher later or check with other students, texts, or the internet to discover more.

Always remember it is YOUR education.

Rose of Sharon


Our Rose of Sharon (Hibiscus sryiacus) in bloom.  I trimmed it back so far last year and it is a lot taller than I am yet again!  It has a lot of amazing flowers though – and we are keeping the honey bees in business (between this and the Hydrangea and Thistle – yet to be shown).


Gay and I had an amazing time at the Benmiller Inn near Goderich, Ontario. 

This picture is from the balcony of our room overlooking “the lower pond.”  The reflections of the trees made for a good picture and a chance to relax and reflect with a good book. (Actually, it wasn’t the greatest book – but I finished it that morning, so all good in the end!)

To all my learners – Don’t forget to engage with the natural beauty and learning opportunities around you.  (And you can still read a book!)



English Proverbs


There are many English proverbs.  Here is one.

The pen is mightier than the sword.

Tell me what you think it means.

You can give a general interpretation or something more personal.